60% of your course grade will be based on your achievement in three different areas: participation, critical writing, and research. To demonstrate achievement, you will complete tasks and challenges in each of these areas. You may choose from a variety of options listed on the schedule and below. These tasks will be graded on a pass/fail basis (1/2 credit may be given for late or barely passing work at the instructor’s discretion). To achieve an A grade in a given area, you must successfully earn five task credits, so you should strive to complete about fifteen total over the course of the semester, or an average of one per week. Please note that many tasks are tied to a particular class and therefore have a submission deadline, so plan ahead. New tasks may be added during the course of the semester, and you can even propose your own!

Tasks you can do at any time:

Unit 1 Tasks:

Unit 2 Tasks:

Unit 3 Tasks:

Unit 4 Tasks:

Unit 5 Tasks:

Unit 6 Tasks:

Unit 7 Tasks: